After the sun set, beneath a star-strewn sky, visitors were recently invited to view a captivating never-before-seen artwork entitled O.T. 1191 by internationally-exhibiting, contemporary German artist Stefan Reiss.

The 6.5m long, 7m deep and 8m high sculpture was composed of ship ropes and sturdy metal beams and accompanied by a mesmerising 8-minute display of ethereally abstract light projections that illuminated Spinningfields Square every evening from 19 – 21 October.

Since 2010, Stefan Reiss has been working on his archive of digital drawings, which consist exclusively of straight lines and that now form an archive of over one thousand works, for which O.T. 1191 is his most recent work that that underwent a profoundly intricate metamorphosis, evolving from a digital drawing into a tangible marvel.

In the artwork O.T. 1191, Stefan Reiss colours the lines and fields by applying one of his colour alphabets, a technique he’s worked on since 2017 with the help of a linguist, in which a specific colour is assigned, to every letter of the Latin alphabet according to how it sounds and where the sound originates in the oral cavity. For example, vowels are depicted in different shades of grey. The artwork’s spectacular, real, haptic form had to be seen to be believed.

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Artist biography
Stefan Reiss studied Fine Arts / Sculpture at the Weissensee Kunsthochschule in Berlin (Germany) and is a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors (London, UK).

In his oeuvre Stefan Reiss has been researching drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, projection and light as an artistic medium for over ten years. The basis of all his works is the exploration of the theme of transformation. Stefan Reiss understands transformation as a multi-dimensional process of analogue as well as digital realms.

Visit: stefanreiss.com for more information.